In the beginning

Thanks to anyone that even takes the time to look at this new un-edited empty blog. I created this blog for a fun way to document my thoughts about various things that happen in my life or the world. More post’s on the way but I would like to leave you with this in passing, “George Washington wore a wig”. The thing is, that many of us are jealous of that perfect white hair look he was pulling off everywhere. I mean the rain, the snow, battle, on the end of canoes, everywhere… Just try and imagine the balding man underneath, and we can all feel somewhat more secure with our own hair. If not visit I want to warn you, once you start sporting this wig things won’t be the same. It will even be hard for you to take off, like venom in the Spiderman comics. Side effects are wood teeth, crazy throwing skills, presidency, and dirty lies being spread about you and cherry trees. Send action photos if they are good!


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