Where would you go with your Hoveround?

I have mixed feelings about the growing number of people driving those andi-cap scooters around the stores these days. A question rises in my mind as to whether these scooters (which have always been there) are causing more people to be lazy, or if they are enabling more people to be able to shop at Walmarts that normally could not have. Each time I see someone in one of these stand up and walk out to their car I want to scream “It’s a miracle”. What is going on? I’m afraid that a country that is already renowned for our laziness is becoming worse. Does this point to something larger. I was waching a commerical which has a motto that asks, “Where would you go on your Hoveround?” Apparently the answer is Cub Foods and Walmart. The commerical also shows a guy on a beach, come on those things would get stuck. She is more machine than human now. It won’t be long until these assistance junkies start to form evil diabolical plans. I am asking that anyone who can, please take the first step and fight terminators by unplugging the scooters at the store when you walk in or out. This is a battle we won’t win if we let these evolve further. Old people are bitter and mean in many cases, and will not hesitate to try and run you over and then kill you with their carts. If you have seen “I robot” you know how crazy things can get when machines take over. These movies are necessary to educate us for the defense of mankind. Unite, and destroy. I once saw a hand can opener destroyed by an electric can opener in a dream. I also in real life saw an electric can opener take out a whole city, log into the internet, and delete the record of its existance. These are the spoils of hoverounds. What would you do with your hoveround? This is a question that scares me both for its answers and also for the questions existance.


One thought on “Where would you go with your Hoveround?

  1. Bronze Lifter says:

    I drive myself insane and flip off the birds when I get there. Do you hope before you die you get to use the expression: “Fuck You! Old Man” Sometimes at night I when the moon is in the right phase I do, and other times I know will get to use it. Well I need you pick up some edible panties for dinner.

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