Drunk attention whores

This post is dedicated to young females who go to bars and wet their pants for the attention of the 40ish or older beer gutters. I’ve noticed this phenomena while out drinking in medium to smaller areas. We get our sex and the city wanna be girls who go out and are not getting enough general attention from their own crowd. So while ordering drinks at the bar they decide upon tuning the fiddle of the older gentlemen. It’s quite sad really, to watch from a third party perspective. If it were possible to fast forward and rewind their nights (much like VHS was capable of) we could watch the progression of them ending up using the easiest possible route to getting noticed. (Which is going up to married and divorced older men who would love to get their hands on the tits and thighs of some young girl so they can masturbate later, as if they actually performed intercourse with them) I watch this occur so frequently I stongly believe a demeaning term for what these little attention whores are, must be created. I would also like to thank Belinda Jensen for all her fine years “doing” the weather. I know that it is probably hard to work with Sven Sundegay. I thought it would be hillarious at the state fair last year to snag and autograph on a t-shirt from him. I thought I could get laughs at parties with this shirt. He just said no, ignored all the other people who actually liked him and never showed for this signing. I also am thinking about the sex lives of other TV news personalities. Back to the point. I strongly encourage people to share photos of this phenomenon as well as donate ideas for the correct term for these gals, and I guess some guys are probably out there too.


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