John and Kate Plus 8; Octomom…No coincidence

The popular dirty paper towels have focused much attention on the marital infidelity of America’s favorite fertility drug users as of late. I am referring to John and Kate Gosselin the couple that birthed twins and sextuplets. Apparently from the television reports (a mass media and entertainment device) and grocery isle covers that I have have been seeing, John has somehow cheated on his wife. There is no shortage of attention on Kate though. She has done everything humanly possible to transform herself into Victoria Beckham. I want to first speak of John. Cheating on your wife when you are constantly in the public eye is a ballsy move. Thanks to ungrateful celebrities we have seen and heard about how unrelenting paparazzi and photographers are. John Gosselin is at maximum capacity of fame right now far as famous as a person who had a lot of kids at once can be. He had the audacity to go to a baseball game and supposedly fuck another women in a situation where even Houdini would have been caught. First off, he at least could have consulted Chris Angel for this. (Chris Angel is a magician who coreographed a terrible Brittany Spears dance at some award show) To pull this off in his position would have been a silent act of god. The second offense John committed was hair plugs. It was a disgrace to his family and culture. Although if my whole life was on a television show and even making love to my wife was somewhat documented through testimonials I probably would want to either cash in on it with a porn career (hence octomom), or find someone that didn’t talk about that shit on TV. Also when one person in a reality show couple doesn’t want to be on TV the other should respect it. John also once put a lighter up his ass. Nobody knows why. The moral of his story is that you can’t breed a slave race of children and not expect people to judge you for it. Kate Gosselin makes me even more angry because she is trying to look like Victoria Beckham. I would like her more if she just cheated. For reasons I don’t understand about myself it makes me extremely hateful towards once normal people who get famous and get surgeries and fancy hairstyles and walk around with a look on their faces like they have done something to earn their position. Fuck them and fuck her. Well unless you are John, then fuck someone else. Spites a bitch, just like Kate. They keep showing this orange county choppers episode where they get free fancy motor bicycles. Nobody knows that Paul Tuttle did charge them when he raped them both and threw the sloppy seconds to his his “Mikey”. Mikey is into some really sick shit. He likes to professionally tie his hair to other peoples hair and swing them around. I guess John and Kate my find love and reunite in front of all of us on TV, but forever their marriage and lives will be tainted by us and how we treated them when they wanted privacy going to the bathroom.

Everyone loved to hate octomom and give higher moral opinions about how she shouldn’t have been able to have her kids. But we made others rich and famous for the sheer fact that they did have kids. Without the help they received could John and Kate even have fucking afforded it? At least when she wasn’t offered a show octomom was willing to do porn, something that would sell no matter what. She is a true god damn american and no different than other people. Morals died with god a long time ago, and money started ruling everything on this soil. The secret to it all is that Octomom kidnapped all eight of those kids from murderous women in florida and should be considered a hero and entrepenuer. She also can blow really big bubbles with bubble yum. Then again at least she isn’t some dumb bitch trying really hard to look like Victoria Beckham and cast judgement on her husband that “She drove” away with her lust for fame and spotlight time.


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