People that don’t say hi back, and people that do

A common worldly phenomena that I both take part in, and am a victim of is “Hi There”. I consider myself abnormal in a lot of ways, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying hello to a stranger. When you are walking or waiting in line by them and that accidental eye contact takes place, a “Hi” is totally acceptable. (If you leave it at that!) Saying hello can erase that eye contact, or turn it into more. I anger when I say it to people, they look right at me and do not return the gesture. It makes a columbian necktie seem appropriate. That followed with a, “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” I was outside of the Plymouth high school doing some testing for a job once, when a teacher getting out of his shitty late 90’s escort, walked by me, stared at me and didn’t return my hello. This is honesty, I yelled after him, “Too good ?… Ass.” I didn’t mind him ignoring that part. I wouldn’t want to get my ass kicked on my home turf either. The thing is, for all he knows I took F.A.C.S. with his ass and he just snubbed me. I am a hypicrite though. Sometimes I don’t say it back. I don’t know why, the words just won’t come. That is about 1% of the time. It’s probably fear, I know that authorities have no clue where the boogey man really is. He eats children. He could easily down half an adult. I assume he hides in the skin, or half skin, of his victims. Speaking of  random things. What is with fucking high  school teachers. They grow such a chode of a god complex these days, it’s nuts. I know high school was a long time ago for me, but teachers knew their role. They didn’t act like they were doing more than giving a bunch of kids (most of whom didn’t care (or learn from them) ) a low level science or civics understanding. Now they walk around and talk about themselves like they are Lawyers or some shit. I don’t know where this error of importance comes from. (Don’t get me wrong, they are good and necessary people, just a bunch of bad eggs suffering from prickitis lives amongst the good ones). Why don’t people say hello back? Thanks to some experimenting I have been doing over the years, the people who would randomly start a converssation up with a stranger aren’t the one’s I’d necessarily want to talk with. Homeless people are one group who love this. I’ll never forget my friends Harvey, and Foot in Winnepeg. Who took a non-emotional hello into offering protection on their street, into them wanting to deal crack to us, into never seeing them again on that street for the rest of the four days we were there.  There was no way they were going to make good on any of those offers. I’m rest happy knowing they are probably gone from us. The world is a better place. Sometimes I don’t say hi back to people, because I can tell by looking at them that I would hate their guts. Mostly smug people. That’s a whole different post though. I am left with the same question I set out with, what’s the best way to deny homeless people my attention?


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