Public Service Announcements

The group Target Market has been making public service announcements for a bunch of years now, because they don’t like smoking. Target Market was linked to Minnesota  funding and felt that giving a bunch of (faggy church youth group type) film maker wanna be kids a camera and bathroom reader full of cancer facts, that they would produce a decrease in teen smoking. They were cancerously wrong on the end result part (well the whole idea) and their campaign died. They completely misunderstood the concept of persuasion. They tried all kinds of things like scary disease photos, catchy jingles, staight facts and dramatic demonstrations. What they forgot to really think about was, do people like nerdy privelaged teens to sit in a position of superiority and tell them how to decide right and wrong. Smoking is an activity that can hurt you if you chronically do it. I can’t think of many things that won’t hurt you if you do them in excess. What they should have done is paint smoking to look as studid as these people who are so against it. If they would have launched a pro smoking effort with these dick wads as the actors I think kids would have been deterred. It makes me wonder about the bigger picture though. Smoking is illegal for people under the age of 18. Target market worked the angle of making smoking look like the killer. What has been funded or done to the parents (or a society) who don’t show their kids how to value rules.? What has prevented them from being able to do so? The point is that our way of life has taken us beyond the point of fixing a problem like this. The type of teenager that is going to smoke is going to look at this campaign and laugh at it, while lighting up. Then they are going to go buy the Target Market t-shirt for the ironic humor. The other stupid thing about these types of campaigns is that they explain a lot about why our economy is two gutter balls in the tenth frame right now. It was more money wasted trying to sell band aids to someone with an evisceration. I want revenge on these loser kids. Since you can get funding for any pointless venture, as long as you are looking for an excuse to go around and tell everyone you are doing “good” and then actually believe that illusion yourself. I want to run a series of 1 minute commercials where real people are paid to bully the Target Market kids and prevent them from doing the small things that they enjoy. I want to take away their bibles, since religion has caused many deaths. I’d also like to take away their cars, since cars cause many deaths. We can’t allow them to eat fast food or anything unhealthy since heart disease is one of the biggest killers around. No cell phones, brain cancer. No coffee, cuz Kare 11 mornings said something bad about it last year. No sex, well these people aren’t getting laid anyway and people die in crazy sex accidents all the time. No planes, thats dangerous. No alchohol, dangerous. They are only live and go out in no crime areas. Then at the end of a year of this I want to show all the points where they felt miserable so a point can be made that people understand risks and can make their own free choices, otherwise their lives will be dumb and they will be forced to join the sexually repressed republicans club and show up on the news when they are 65 and part of  a bondage club.


2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcements

  1. brian z says:

    I take offense to that article. How dare you put down those children who are trying to save lives. Perhaps you didn’t watch enough upn cartoons.

    • wachmonster says:

      I didn’t watch those UPN kids, because I have dignity. I bought them and sold them on ebay. Craigslist runs too much of a death risk.

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