Texting and Driving

We live amongst and elect some of the most worthless leadership in the world. I just finished reading an article I found on the google U.S. News page, which was even more jazz about how texting and driving is the same as Satan bending Jesus over across Mother Theresa’s lap. I text and drive, it’s not that fucking dangerous. They are comparing it to drinking and driving, eating and driving, talking and driving, road head etc… I text and drive, sometimes on the freeway going 76 mph while weaving through traffic. I’m not a mutant with superhuman abilities, and I have never had any trouble whatsoever doing T & D. You just look up every letter or so and watch the road. It’s really no different than when you drive by something scenic and peek out the side window a few times, adjust the radio or change cassette tapes. We have elected (people that we chose during those weird election seasons where all the craziest shit goes on, leaving us wondering who has all fucked who and has had this or that problem 20 years ago) officials wasting time during “lawmaking time” harping over this. We live in a country where people with four years degrees plus specialized degrees above that, have an extremely hard time finding a decent job. In fact we don’t even have jobs for people, everyone is losing their houses, we are engaged in an expensive (no end in sight) holy war because we are afraid the Jawa’s are going to gather all the droids and attack us, it’s pandemonium out there and even that is falling apart. We must focus on texting and driving! That is what the news should cover (after MJ’s will and children’s custody), that is what congress should try and spend their time addressing, that is the cutting edge of the tip of the edge of earths potential. Okay back to the base line. It all boils down to drivers sticking to what they can handle while on the road. Obviously old people still drive, new drivers go slow, there is a billion things that could distract us and make us tense while we drive. Are we legitimately going to make a law about every single one if someone can make statistics look good? This is a non-issue that shouldn’t even be dignified with a M.A.D.D. lesbo orgy.


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