Care Bears: Forest of Hurt Feelings

During sundown in the Forest of Feelings, Brave Heart Lion lays in the sand near Feelswell Pond where he enjoys its magical water. He does this each night to help himself relax. There is a light breeze gliding across the forest leaves and the sun is a golden color over head. Brave Heart Lion has decided that he has had enough magical water and does not want to have too much and get a tummy ache. As he gradually stands himself up in the sparkling white sand, he is alarmed when a large dark shadow casts itself slowly across the pond. He looks up but see’s nothing in the sky. He looks around and see’s nothing. An eery silence has taken over the forest and it is growing much cooler. A dark shadow moves quickly through the trees around him. A barely audible giggle can be heard coming from this entity. Brave Heart panics when he experiences fear, a feeling seldom found around in the Kingdom of Caring.

Brave Heart Lion (in a deep, slow, cautious voice) : Whooo goes there? Who would play such tricks on me? Hello out there?

Brave Heart then makes a mistake which is against the rules of the forest and screams Charge! This causes a beam of light to shoot from the Crowned Heart patch he has on his chest. Brave Heart points his chest around the darkness using his sacred power as a flashlight. Contained in the beam of light is musical notes, hearts and stars. These little lovable symbols kind of just float around while his light beam radiates. Brave Heart finally finds the thin black figure that has been dancing around the trees scaring him. His beam of light stops upon it. We only get a flicker of the dark horned shadow beast, but we can tell by the fear and surprise in Brave Hearts face that it is the most terrible thing that has ever entered the Forest of Feelings. The mysterious shadow beast raises what looks like it could be a giant blackbird wing from behind its back into the beam coming from Brave Heart’s chest. A strong freezing wind immediately picks up in the forest, blowing leaves everywhere. This touch, with its dark, black, oily, thick feathered wing causes the light beam to start spider webbing with black spirals. The musical notes floating in the beam shatter, which causes a fearful ominous tune to play amongst the night. The forest grows completely silent for a very brief moment. The only sound heard is Brave Heart’s actual heart beat, which is racing. The dark beast rips its wing backward, this action pulls the Crowned Heart patch and rips it off Brave Heart Lion’s chest. Blood pours from Brave Heart Lions wound into the Feelswell Pond. The blood mixes slowly in the water, night turns to black. He is dead.

Meanwhile in Care-a-Lot, the Care Bears are excited as their brand new Caring Meter is nearly finished in the center of town. The whole town is buzzing about the new Caring Missions. There are some mixed feelings, but the Bear Presshas reminded citizens about how rewarding it is to work out their differences lovingly, which has only raised the level of caring. The new Caring Meter is the tallest structure in town, it is designed after the ROYGBIV rainbow and each color indicates different levels of caring missions needed. Today is the very day that they will shut down the old dial style caring meter and boot up the new system. Amongst the preparation several Care Bears chatter about the change over.

Tender Heart: This going to be the greatest thing since Jarred Honey!

Cheer Bear: Hooray, we won’t have a care in the land that gets by us!!! WEEEEE!!

Grumpy Bears Basement Apartment. Mid-morning.

Bring, bring, bring. Grumpy Bears paw reaches from under the bed sheet and picks up the caring phone receiver.

Friend Bear (On the other end of the line, in a panic): Grumpy Bear!! We have a problem. We switched to the new Caring Meter and it is showing up extremely low, (Breathing Heavily) We don’t know if there’s a problem or what. Can you come down right now?

Grumpy Bear: I told you guys this was bad news bears! (inaudible grumble) I’ll be right down. Click.

The camera moves back revealing Birthday Bear under the sheets next to Grumpy Bear.

Birthday Bear: What’s going on?!?

Grumpy Bear: Nothing, this will have to wait. I gotta go. Grumble grumble grumble.

To be continued in next installment.


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