Care Bears: Forest of Hurt Feelings Part 2

The Care Bears are not certain whether the disruption with the caring meter is a real threat, or a glitch in the new system. Grumpy Bear has been called into help investigate the Kingdom of Caring and plans to assemble a Care Bear Search and Love Mission Team. Tender Heart has been busy influencing the local media that every Bear in Care-a-Lot must stand strong and ready themselves for the ultimate “Care”. Meanwhile in the Forest of Feelings, the Care Bear cousins have grown very concerned about the disappearance of their Leader Proud Heart Lion. Without Proud Heart they are unable to organize a message to the Care Bears while their world slowly is losing its color and turning black and white.

(Over the Care-o-Tron Care Bear News Channel) Tender Heart: Hello my fellow Care Bears, tonight I have an important message to unite and calm the growing fear that has overtaken the lands. As of yesterday the new Care Meter has been on line. It has initially shown a significant loss in Caring and continues to drop with our unrest and uncertainty. I would like to personally assure my proud people that this is not something to fear. We have had no reports of problems from our cousins in the Forest of Feelings, and feel extremely positive that our investigations and repairs to the meter will restore accuracy in our caring. Love and Care, Tender Heart… (Broadcast Ends)

During an Elite Member Friendship Club meeting in the Forest of Feelings…

Bright Heart Raccoon: We still have not seen Proud Heart Lion Since the afternoon of yester. The world is beginning to fade of its color, which means our caring is going away. There is no reason for us to assume the best any longer. Before long we are going to start… changing over. With care leaving our land we will all eventually start to lose our brightness. It is hard to predict what kind of change we will see in the mentality of our people. We must act fast! We need to reach the Care Bears. I am looking for two volunteers to make the Journey across the Kingdom so we can work together. I also need two volunteers to search the forest again (sigh) for Proud Heart.

Swift Heart Rabbit: I can do it, I can make the Journey across the land to Care-a-Lot faster than anyone else. It should be me.

Bright Heart Raccoon: Then one is chosen, we will need another who can move with such haste. Who here (cut off by Noble Heart Horse)

Noble Heart Horse: Bbbrrraahhhh Nay! I will join you Swift Heart my old friend.

Bright Heart Raccoon: Be on your way with the luck and happiness of the forest! (They hustle off with a stream of sparkle bouncing under each footstep) I must remain here with the forest dwellers, who will be my searchers?

Treat Heart Pig: The monkey and me, yeah, that’s who’ll do it. Oink grunt. (There is a brief pause and stare filtering across the friendship club)

Bright Heart Raccoon: (Nibbling on his paws) Tin foil! That will work well my friends. Be on your way, may our love guide you!

The Care Bear Cousins nervously look around at each other, the meeting has ended and while a slow suspenseful melody plays they disperse back toward their huts.

Grumpy Bear Search and Love Mission

Grumpy Bear has assembled his team and sent most of his agents out into the field. He cruises the outskirts of Care-a-Lot in his Care Car. His Care Car much resembles a cartooned version of 1970 Buick Riviera Classic with heart, cloud and star decals plastered all over it. In the car Grumpy is driving, Bedtime Bear rides passenger, Wish Bear and Champ Bear ride in the back seat. The song “Changes” by David Bowie plays silently under their conversation.

Champ Bear: What’s the the plan Grumpy? We haven’t done this in a Care age.

Grumpy Bear: Things rrr rrrr rrrr going to get spooky around Care-a-Lot. You see those dark cloud over yonder? Those are storm clouds will drain the color outta Care-a-Lot and Care Bears will start changing into something a little less caring. Care Zombos.

Bedtime Bear: Grumpy you are scaring us, why do you have to talk that way. It’s just the new Caring Meter starting up wrong. It will be fixed.

Grumpy: Listen Bedtime, that’s a jelly jar of canned corn you’re livin in.

The car goes silent (other than the low volume music) as Grumpy Bear just uttered what would be considered profanity in the Kingdom of Caring.

Wish Bear: Pa pa please Grumpy Bear don’t talk like that, hhmmm, we don’t want the Caring Meter to drop to Level Red.

Grumpy: Enough of all this, listen, I have delightfully… (pauses, with grumpy face) chosen the three of you because you will be the last to change over. Champ Bear, I need you to take Wish Bear to the Old Caring Meter and print off the last 180 days of reported activity, all the Caring Missions reports and every Care Bear or Care Bear Cousin that carried them out. Move on this and meet me at Birthday Bears Fluff Hut tonight at Care time. Tell nobody of what you are up to. Got it?

Champ Bear: You know it boss.

Wish Bear: Yayyy!!!! Helping each other is helping ourselves. (Silence again in the car)

Champ Bear: What do I do if this little cubby changes over.

Grumpy Bear opens the glove box and pulls out two sling shots. (There is a big gasp from the bears in the car) Load it with one of these.

Grumpy Bear hands Champ Bear a happy pale of thorn bush seeds. You know the rest.

Champ Bear: Just like the old days heh heh.

Wish Bear: This is wrong, those aren’t allowed in the Kingdom of caring. (Wish Bear and Bedtime Bear exchange a nervous glance) Grumpy Bear please…

Grumpy: Bedtime, we are headin to cloud pass to find ourselves some Cousins…

The car stops and Champ Bear and Wish Bear exit. The song “Changes” volume goes way up and we see the Care Car burn out toward cloud pass kicking up rock and sparkles from the road. There are ominous dark clouds in the distance over Cloud Pass.

Shocking conclusion later this week…


7 thoughts on “Care Bears: Forest of Hurt Feelings Part 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    You think you can get away with this?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dont play dumb. Be careful, as I will be watching your every move.

  3. wachmonster says:

    You’re a satanic enigma Anonymous.

  4. wachmonster says:

    Thank you Steven. I want you to win a t-shirt. Prove me right, and give me something beautiful.

  5. Carlos Hott says:

    The angle of the dangle equals the heat of the meat.

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