Care Bears: Forest of Hurt Feelings, Shocking Conclusion

The sun stood in the sky over the Kingdom of Caring, but there was very little light. It appeared like a flat, gray, blanketed wasteland. There was very little color left anywhere and many of the Care Bears and Cousins had gone Zombo. Most of the Zombo creatures had run to the darkest corners of the land and submitted their chest patches to the dark winged beast, who was almost completely tattooed with those patches. When the dark beast flew across the land, a black light emitted from it. It uncovered many of the hiding, still Caring, Care Bears and scared them out of their huts. It would then single them out from above with its dark light and take their patches as well. Those who were robbed of their patches merely died of blood loss and vanished. Those who turned Zombo were allowed to live for the moment, as minions and searchers for the evil beast.

Tender Heart and Surprise Bear have managed to sneak across Care-a-Lot and now shiver at the control box of the new Caring Meter. It is very cold and the two bears are extremely twitchy. Very near converting Zombo. They both work tirelessly at the base of the Caring Meter making adjustments and trying to save the kingdom. It is the only way the two of them can contribute any longer.

Tender Heart: Try wrapping the wires from the old meter and the new one together. There has got to be some way to pull the power of them together. It’s the only way we can get an answer.

Surprise Bear: Y y y yessss (Shivering) it must be the answer. I have crossed so ma ma many wires in here I don’t know what’s what.

Tender Heart: (Snapping) Get the right ones!

Surprise Bear: I’m trying Tender Heart! … Tender Heart?

Tender Heart has now changed in appearance. His Fangs and claws have extended and curved inward. His eyes are blank and lifeless. He twitches and and shakes involuntarily. His fur is now a charcoal color and messy. Saliva drips from his mouth and he breathes heavily.

Surprise Bear: No, Nooooo! Tender … (He is cut off)

Tender Heart’s claw grasps Surprise Bear by the neck and rips the last beat of life from her body. Surprise Bear falls to the ground bumping the exposed wires. Her chest patch shoots a beam of light into the control box, but fades away. The jack in the box patch on Surprise Bears chest is gone. The Heart on Tender Heart Bears chest now has an ugly black crack running down the middle of it. Tender Heart grunts and lets out a hideous war scream, which is enough to drain the last of the Caring from Care-a-Lot.

In the Forest of Feelings Treat Heart Pig and Playful Heart Monkey have discovered the charred bones of Proud Heart Lion in the shallows of Feelswell pond. Although they have never seen bones before, they know what it means. They collect the skull and hurry back to their meeting place to show Bright Heart Raccoon.

When they return to Bright Heart Raccoon, Bright Heart weeps. He proclaims a decree to all the Care Bear Cousins that they must now go into hiding. Bright Heart will stealthily patrol the forest in a dark disguise under the assumption that anyone out and about is an evil minion.

Away from Care-a-Lot at the entrance to cloud pass, Champ Bear and Wish Bear hear the blood curdling scream come from the town. Champ remains very calm, Wish Bear is scared and puzzled.

Champ Bear: Well Kiddo that’s it, there all dead now.

Wish Bear: No, it can’t be. I still care.

Champ Bear: There’s no saving anything now. The way I see it Wishy, is that we can either join em or die some ugly lifeless Zombo. You with me kiddo?

Wish Bear: Wha wha what are you saying Champ Bear. We cannot do that.

Champ Bear: (Raising the sling shot to Wish Bear) Last chance kiddo, I ain’t gonna let you bring me down like that.

Wish Bear: Charge! (A beam of light shoots from Wish Bears Wishing Star Patch)

Champ Bear releases the sling shot, pounding a thorn seed right between the eyes of Wish Bear. Wish Bear is dead. A bright light, much like a lightning bolt bursts from Wish Bear as he dies.

Champ Bear: Looks like all wishes don’t come true, heh heh.

Suddenly a black light Hovers above Champ Bear and the dark winged beast circles and lands in front of him. The attention of a murder committed by a real Care Bear does not go unnoticed by the dark beast.

Black winged beast: (In a forced, scratchy, demonic voice: Whoooooo are you?

Champ Bear stands in shock and fear before this large dark figure covered in the distored patches of slaughtered Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins. After Champ Bear’s pause has annoyed the beast, it shows its metallic talons.

Champ Bear: (snapping out of his fear) uh uh… Champ Bear.

The two converse. Champ Bear comes to learn that this beast was an accidental creation of Dr. Coldheart. When it was born in the laboratory, it immediately gained a supreme consciousness and murdered Dr. Coldheart. It’s first words were, “Even a Cold Heart drips warm blood.” It has no name, and chooses not to select one. The supreme goal is to collect all the Care Patches from every creature in the Kingdom and be the supreme ruler. After Champ Bear explained Grumpy Bears mission, the beast decides to allow Champ Bear to remain in his current state if he kills Grumpy Bear and Bedtime Bear foiling any plans they may have had. Champ Bear agrees.

Champ Bear meets up at the Cloud Pass with Grumpy Bear and Bedtime Bear. They all climb into the Care Car and speed together toward the Forest of Feelings. He explains how Wish Bear went Zombo and had to be killed. He really sells the story and Grumpy initially believes him. Bedtime Bear has reservations. He then goes on to report that all the Care Bears are dead or Zombo and how all is lost. Grumpy Bear starts to sense something is off, when Champ Bear is so willing to give up. Grumpy Bear reports that he has found the chewed bones of Swift Heart Rabbit and Noble Heart Horse outside of the Forest of Feelings, and that he saw a dark figure roaming the forest near Feelswell Pond.

Champ Bear: I don’t know anything about a dark figure, but maybe we should try to be diplomatic toward it.

Grumpy: I don’t think this entity gives two shits about diplomacy.

Champ Bear: You might be right, but we are running out of options old friend.

Grumpy: I am assuming that all of the Forest of Feelings is dead. They would not have sent messengers if Proud Heart were alive. If it got to him, it got them all.

As they are conversing Bedtime Bear notices an oily black feather stuck on the back of Champ Bears foot.

Bedtime Bear: Do you think it can fly faster than the Star Friends in the sky?

Champ Bear: I’m not sure, but it probably can.

Champ Bear immediately realizes his error and turns toward Bedtime Bear. He knows that Grumpy Bear picked up on his mistake as well.

Champ Bear (to bedtime bear): You little fuck.

Champ Bear attempts to paw Bedtime Bear across the throat, but Grumpy yanks the wheel and rolls the car before he can do it. The car tumbles speedily down a rock embankment. Bedtime Bear dies in the crash. Champ and Grumpy are both badly injured.

Grumpy Bear pulls himself away from the wreckage. Champ Bear is not in view yet.

Grumpy Bear (with blood running down his face): Get out here and fight like a Bear, you genderless pussy. Silence.

Grumpy Bear (Cont.): You think I sweat you? You’re the weakest of us all. You were the only Care Bear to willingly turn. Ha ha ha. (coughs hard) Heh heh heh. Look at yourself …

From behind Grumpy, Champ Bear is edging his way forward with the sling shot Grumpy Bear gave him earlier. It looks as if Grumpy is finally in for it. Champ Bear pulls his sling back and shoots Grumpy around the tail region. Champ Bear crawls up to Grumpy to inspect his kill, when suddenly Grumpy swiftly rolls over and impales Champ Bear up through the bottom of his chin with the broken femur of Noble Heart Horse. Champ gasps as blood pours out the entry wound in his throat and the exit wound in the back of his head. He convulses and shakes before he perishes.

Grumpy: Down goes the champ…(coughs some more)

Later, at Feelswell Pond, the Dark Winged Beast has rounded all his minions and hunted the forest of all the hiding Care Bear Cousins. He has fed off of the patches off all his minions and searchers, and has nearly got every patch in the Kingdom of Caring. He searches the forest for the patch of Bright Heart Raccoon. He finds him near the pond, where a cloaked, soaking wet Bright Heart reveals himself from the shadows and willingly exposes himself to the beast hovering overhead. The beast snatches the patch. The evil beast is completely covered in patches now and is a frightening array of color and black sparkles. A silence grows over Feelswell pond and the beast lands near the shore.

Beast (in the deep soul chilling voice): I can smell your pitiful stench. How dare you have the courage to stand up to what I have become?

Through the eyes of the beast we can see a completely blood covered Grumpy Bear who has crawled all the way to the pond. Grumpy Bear has a bubble gum cigar in his mouth, and a shit eating grin smeared across his face.

Grumpy Bear: Well you got us? You stupid piece of dark licorice. I thought I’d make this last part a bit easier for ya!

Grumpy Bear frisbees three blood covered Care Patches to the feet of the beast. Even though they are bloody we can see that they are those of Bedtime Bear’s Crescent Moon, Champ Bear’s Trophy and his own Raining Cloud patch. With the roughness around the edges, it is obvious that he chewed them off with his teeth.

Grumpy: Thats the problem with you villians, heh heh heh. You never think things through.

Grumpy Bear Dies. The last Care being is dead, all color is gone and the Kingdom of Caring is pitch black. The only visible object is the shine from the three unclaimed care patches and the reflection off of the evil beasts beedy black eyes. In the darkness the beast raises its wings and absorbs the patches into its power. An actual colored bright light shoots from all directions out of the beast. Horrible, undescribable screams emit from the beast. Everything the beaming lights hit regains its color. The whole kingdom turns a bright white when and the beast explodes in a dark feathery explosion.

Moments pass by, and the Care Bears begin waking up in the weird places where their bodies fell. They work their way back to the center village in the Forest of Feelings. Proud Heart Lion Presides over the gathering. After a long talk about clean up, caring missions and repair Proud Heart talks about Grumpy Bear.

Proud Heart: We all had our reservations about Grumpy Bear, many of us felt he was the thorn in the side of a utopia. Grumpy Bear is the sole victim of an evil that pillaged our land. He is also the sole savior of all our lives. We need to always remember that even in the ones we question, may be the secret and the strength to live on. Never let us again judge another, for it is why evil was able to overtake us in the first place. Let us all charge our patches to Grumpy.

As they shoot their light beams to the sky the last of the gray clouds turns bright white. A light rain washes and cleanses the land of that has happened. The scene very much resembles the rainy clouds that Grumpy Bear wore on his patch. All of the Kingdom of Caring is happy and free once again.


Birthday Bear lies alone in the bed of Grumpy Bear’s basement apartment,  flicking a contraband lighter on and off, over and over again. The curtains are all duct taped closed and the room is dark. We only get glimpses of Birthday Bear’s crazed eyes and cupcake with a candle patch when the lighter flicks on. Birthday Bear hates his fellow Care Bears.

Birthday Bear: I’ve got a party to plan….

Music fades in playing the song, “Birthday Sex” by Jeremiah.


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