It’s Back!

Here we are again at the crux of our existence. After a busy month of December I am happy to begin posting on the blog again. It’s amazing how many little things can piss a person off over the course of a month and give them plenty of fashionable topics to write on for the new year. It was a whirlwind of a December, considering Christmas shopping and crying retail mothers, holiday driving, work threatening me about working on the holiday, rude coworkers, ice fishing, gifts without receipts, the census report and a lack of anything positive on the wide scale. Well I am back and intend to post as much as possible even if that means I have to shorten them a bit. I already have tomorrow’s post ready, but if I post it now then I have to make another one for the next day and lets face it, no. I don’t have that kind of time or money. Speaking of that, if anyone knows how to make money on a website tell me. So we can all reflect on the desperate, gothy dressings and piercings of Mark Taylor (youngest tool timer) during the later seasons of that show as our inspiration and hope that we are not as big of losers as he was. Simba …


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