Weird Guy Clothes

There is a phenomenon occurring in younger men’s clothing that has, more or less, become a bigger problem than I previously thought. I noticed the severe prominence of this stupid stuff while watching Jersey Shore. Okay I know this show is terrible and no one should actually be watching it, but it’s a guilty pleasure to watch these losers get drunk and act stupid. It all boils down to the root theory of self-confidence: A) There are two ways to feel better about yourself. 1) Work really hard and become everything you hope to be. 2) Put other people down to make yourself feel better. // This reality show definitely keys on the second hypothesis for me. The main point though is, since when are guys dressing so queer? Here are some examples of t-shirts and general clothing I am referring to.

  What is with this new style? It’s somewhat of a goth-metro meets pop culture look mixed with a number of odd crosses and weird (fancy?) cursive writing. Throw in a lion, tiger or eagle and you’ve got yourself a shirt. Are you making a statement with this shirt? Are you expressing your love of animals wrapped in writing?

I don’t like it! I don’t know what to think when I see people sporting this look, it throws me into a state of confusion about whether that person is in a gang, a gothic renaissance supporter or a UFC fighter. Abraham Lincoln once said of clothing, “Don’t wear stupid clothes.” He was right, I think the quest to be to progressive has gone far enough. I am giving everyone the ‘OK’ to sarcastically say, “Nice Shirt” and laugh when they see this Ed Hardy type of stuff around. I will preëmptively declare shame toward, THE BUCKLE for this and boycott them.


2 thoughts on “Weird Guy Clothes

  1. Jan Von Splugen says:

    Once again my friend, you hit the nail on the head. You cracked the recent business model of the buckle- dragon + cursive + tshirt= profit. My vision of that is similar, except the result is not profit, it = douche bag

  2. Nikolas Brotherwicz says:

    Its the look that says, I got a tattoo…on my shirt.

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