Reality TV, Glorification and Tampons

Reality television must eat up at least a quarter or possibly more of everything on T.V. these days. Or at least it seems that way. What it really says to me is that real life is so boring that we have to fuel it with a bunch of booze and lock it in a mansion with the hopes of winning something or double dipping. If I want to see a bunch of sweaty, gross made-up twenty somethings get drunk and argue I can go to any MN bar parking lot after midnight and bingo bango. The thing is that these real worlders and Ruiners and Survivors are boring people! Have you ever sat and thought of better reality TV ideas? It is very easy to out think the morons that get this stuff on TV.  I.e. ” 12 death row inmates survive on an island where the last man standing wins his freedom.” That would be jacked up. I would love to design the challenges for that show. I’m very serious you can watch a show like ” Jon and Kate Plus Eight,” and they will show a clip of Kate describing how a school bus works. I.e., ” Yeah it’s this big van and it will come up to the house at a specified time, take the kids away to school and bring them back. It’s really convenient.”  This is actually really stupid. Here is the thing, as long as they know they have cameras on them it is no longer reality. Here is my biggest argument about that particular show, THE CAMERAS MISSED ALL MOST INTERESTING CONTENT !!! Jon’s Affair, the conversation about getting divorced, all the fights that probably precluded Jon cheating and the J&K split. That would make great TV! How much would advertisers pay to have the commercial break right after Jon admits to Kate that he spilled the beans all over someone else while she was off trying to squeeze every penny out of those eight babies possible? Can you imagine the silent pause and then (in true reality tv fashion) a perfectly placed commercial break advertising Tampax? That would make me feel good. Bottom line is I love reality TV so much I hate it. What if all the bachelorettes and bachelors were poor and the show was filmed at a gov. assistance home? Bam! Awesome better show idea! Or they get their butts and cameras down to Haiti right now. Morbid and sick, yes, people would eat it up. Just like we get off saying we donated and supported breast cancer (the trendiest cancer to support).


One thought on “Reality TV, Glorification and Tampons

  1. Ben says:

    Hey Wach,
    You remember watching Flavor of Love in college? I don’t know about you, but that was some pretty classy reality TV. Nobody knew what the fuck was gonna happen. Even Season 2 when they brought the New Yorker back from nowhere; BAM- the crazy bitch is back! Not bad, not bad. I don’t think I’ve seen the likes of it since; but then again I was spared by the likes of Kate & Jon and the last 3 years of the other reality series…
    I wondered how it’s affected me not watching American TV… Well, keep up the good work.

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