The End Is Nigh

Inspired by reading (definitely not participating) on various facebook wall fights. I had to swallow my own puke just so I could puke extra in disgust and disdain toward what we are.

Whats the deal with this whole Dems/Reps thing? The best thing that could ever happen would be if political parties were not allowed to have names, nor limit themselves to one side or the other. They could also cut all these politically motivated television programs, and restrict celebrities from voicing their opinions publicly. Sadly this is because there is a significant population that will agree with George Clooney if they think he is friendly on film. A change like this could also end the annoying conversation held on, “The View” for the most part. Now I’m not making this as  a literal suggestion, but if people had to make judgments and conduct  discussions based solely on research they have done or followed, people would stop talking about that stuff completely (no ones actually doing their own homework (I’m not)). Any real information about abortions, wars, motives and all that whatever in Washington will never be revealed to the public  (It’s all greed and who’s hands what money is in any way). Things inevitably will come out years later when it is only a reflection of the past and a generation beyond any real repercussions. I know you can define a Republic and describe the job of our elected officials, but whats the point? When elections occur, the vast majority only votes for the one they “like” the most based on very little information, party lines or one issue (which can easily neglect all the other junk).  It seems like the loudest yelling people in small-scale discussions are always the ones who are basing their opinions on a TV show or some emotional thing (I.e. The world is better off without all these babies, or my friends, friends cousins ex died in the war blah blah etc etc). Call me cold-hearted or small-minded (I don’t mind), but I don’t care about any of it. Now let’s be honest, none of us individually cared enough to step in, nor really could have made a difference in anything. Have you ever noticed that it is extremely seldom when you hear someone say, ” I fought in this war” before one of these dumb arguments? It’s always, my (insert connection) fought in this war. There comes an equilibrium point where too many opinions are being voiced and every issue is so twisted in the end that  no good outcome is left. Much like in game theory.

Once upon a time:

A group of friends/enemies/whatevers sits around (sober or drinking (sadly) just regular cool aid) when an issue of politics arises. People immediately glue themselves to their respective camps and argue all the opinion that supports their side (many times a reflection of their bank account size) 0r parents bank account, or how much money they deserve in handouts) while ignoring anything contradictory. At some point in all of our lives we have to learn you should never talk about these issues, ever. You just shouldn’t. Nor should anyone else. No one will ever change their mind or compromise during one of these group deals and it’s always a fight, or an under your breath fight in the end. Here is the deal, none of us know anything. Really, we don’t. I have definitely learned that anything you believe to be true in any political issue will eventually be revealed later as false. The catch 22 is proven and dis-proven simultaneously in politics. If such arguments are blindly supported yet misunderstood at the lowest levels, they probably are not that different at the higher ones. We are all humans with a slowly evolving capacity for comprehension, no matter how many babes you are banging at the weekend hide-away. The other thing that should have no place,  is when these crappy arguments are based on religion. It’s cool if you want to believe in that stuff, but the moment you want to use it to make rules over the life of someone else, you have abused it. If you can’t live your own life based on, well whatever one of these value systems you’ve been washed into then your religion obviously isn’t good enough for you to just follow. Live and let live, or just live here and don’t bother with things that really don’t affect you, since you are nothing more than an outside opinion anyway (Just as this was right now). Pictured below, pillars of this society.


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