Little House on the Prairie: First Blood 5

Walnut Grove, MN. Exterior. Midnight.     -The Future-

A full moon shines across a dark cornfield. In the distance we can see that something or someone is staggering though the rows of tall corn at a sloppy, yet urgent, pace. Heavy panting and the sound of corn slashing across our moving character can be heard. A point of view shot now shows corn leaves slashing across the screen as our character hurries through the dark field, stumbling through the rows. The gasping and sound of corn whipping across our character grows louder. Suddenly our character stops and the POV shot shows that our character is looking back, as if he is being chased. The night is silent except for a breeze passing across the field. The camera moves back to show a bearded, frightened, middle-aged man resembling an Amish farmer scanning behind him. His attire is a flannel shirt and black pants that are drenched in dew and spattered with dirt. He brings a half empty mason jar to his mouth and drinks from it. The letter X is painted in black on the jar. He takes a deep breath and turns. We return to the POV shot and as our character turns to continue forward, an extremely pale, naked and elderly looking man bursts violently through the corn row. The elderly man appears possessed with eyes that are so blood-shot, that blood is streaming from them. As the elderly man attacks through the leaves he emits a frightening hiss/scream and his blackened, pointy, rotting teeth can be seen. The view moves back to a long shot of the field. We can see the area where the attack is occurring and hear what sounds like a wild dog horrifically ripping at its prey. In the distance, a lone farm-house, that the flannel man was apparently running towards, is in the view. A very deep sound, similar to a low note being blasted through one of those white wrap around tubas, (seen in marching bands) overcomes everything else. More strands of fast movement can be seen developing in the field. The low booming tuba sound grows louder until the farm-house in the distance erupts in a huge fiery explosion.

Cut to:

Int. Walnut Grove Methodist Church. Day


Close up of a judges gavel banging on a sound block.

Reverend Robert Alden: Order, order I will have order in this assembly! Our way of life…

Fade to:

A montage begins which will depict how these people came about their way of life.

13 years ago the United States, well the whole world (eventually) hit a breaking point when the global economy completely lopsided. Meaning that at a certain point, the balance of wealth became so uneven that the poor organized and decided to completely disregard the concept of currency. A movement ensued in which everyone was encouraged to continue with their job while the FTBS was implemented. The FTBS was an acronym for the Fair Trading and Bartering Society. This plan turned very violent very fast. It only took 4 days until the educated lower class people figured out where the mega rich were hiding/living and they completely looted them to nothing. One group destroyed every working computer in Montana, which didn’t take long.  The money looted from the rich was to be burned, except once the poor had it they couldn’t bring themselves to do it. Things continued in this way until eventually the country/world was a collection of different “ACTION groups” trying to fix this or abolish that. Two groups had the first miniwar over the contents on a freighter being shared. There is a lot more to the story, but eventually different groups learned the value of respecting each other and the U.S. became comprised of many different people of many different everythings having their own mini societies in which they could do or practice whatever style of life they wanted.

This leads us to one of our groups located in Walnut Grove, MN. This group was started by a man named Wade. Thats the only information available on his name. He was a Little House on the Prairie fanatic and started a group that would take all of the character names from the show and live in Walnut grove as if the television program was continuing in real life. He of course “called” the name of Charles Ingalls. To his great surprise there were thousands of other “Little House” fanatics out there, and he easily filled the roles of everyone on the show plus many more. When extras arrived they were sworn into the towns doctrine of rules.

Rule #1, I will adhere to all the rules of this doctrine and fulfill my role as member of this town with my life or exile as consequence.

Basically they knew they couldn’t have an exact replica of the show but they worked hard to have a much larger functioning society in which they watched at least one episode everyday. To compensate for the extra people they chose names that fit into one of the family names on the show, or they could choose to be a Sioux Indian. [Wade, I mean Charles, had them all on VHS and DVD]

This little society was quite successful and had few problems (compared to most) that they weren’t able to overcome with the moral lessons learned on the show, and the issues they did have could be solved by playing it by ear. They were a prosperous.

Cut to:

Int. Walnut Grove Methodist Church. Day

Reverend Robert Alden: We have much to ponder on this day. I understand with the doctor missing we really have to band together and try to stay healthy. A good lord and a book of messages will remedy that which with they call science….

PaRt TwO NexT


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