Little House on the Prairie: First Blood 5 (part 2)

Int. Walnut Grove Methodist Church. Day

(Assembly Continued)

Reverend Robert Alden: …My friends and brothers I’m not sure if this is a farce, but I believe we have our first “Missing Persons” case in the new history of our old town. Now the good doctor has been known to be somewhat of a tricky man in his day, and loose with the assembly guidelines, so it’s hard to not consider that this could be a mistake on Hiram’s part. As much as he is needed and loved in the town, he cannot miss the month’s first Sunday morning assembly of Walnut Grove without the consequence. My great fear though, is that something more gravely honest may be the truth of the devil.

note: Many people have disappeared mysteriously from the town, but if it wasn’t addressed by Rev. Alden during the first sunday assembly, it meant that they have suffered the punishment or voluntarily separated from the community without notice.

Rule# 50: Any who break any aforementioned rule will suffer the punishment. The punishment will only be known to select members of the governing body and to those who suffer it.

*In the church people are sweating profusely into their long-sleeved shirts. The women all own braziers, but are not allowed to wear them to any official gathering that is mandated by the book of rules.

Rule # 41: All gatherings specifically described in this book must be attended, with the only exceptions being severe illness or (really bad) emergency.

Rule#43: Strict period clothing will be worn to all official gatherings.

(This rule observes that Braziers were not invented yet during the period in which the show took place, even though women on the show wore them)

(New Charles Ingalls is a complicated individual)

note: Many people privately break many of the rules of Walnut Grove Township. People are very careful not break rules publicly, or in a way that Charles Ingalls or a member of the governing body might catch wind of it.

So they all sat there in their sweaty makeshift church. The women had sweat lines under their breasts and the men had sweat everywhere else. In an unexplainable way they all truly believed that since one man had missed one assembly, that he was either dead, or some sort of Satan was at play in their community. They were sort of right on both counts.

Peter Lundstrom (standing/proclaiming) : We send out two groups, staggered. The first to search for him and the second to hunt him!

Edna Cohen: Rawwwr!

Many other variations of this suggestion were made, but Peter’s suggestion was the basic resolution they reached on this issue. The next issue they talked about was a way to shine the bell at the school to make it look prettier.

Day. Int. Dr. Baker’s Home.

SEARCH PARTY delicately rummages through the home of Dr. Hiram Baker. This part of the  SEARCH PARTY consists of three men. Jason  Carter and Luke Simms are between the ages of 17 and 20, and are designated to follow the command of Andy Garvey during this search. Andy Garvey is in his late 40’s, but still in excellent health. “Garvey” keeps a very clean salt and pepper beard that  juts out a from his chin. His hair is also salt and pepper, (heavier on the salt) and he wears it slicked back. He makes his own gel out of pine sap, paraffin wax and petroleum jelly.  He has icy blue eyes with dark black pupils. He always wears a green flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled back to show his oversized, hair covered forearms (this won’t come into play but he was born with facial hair, people were stunned) Garvey is also number 3 in the chain of command for the governing body. The three men start going through Baker’s things and are not finding much to indicate his whereabouts or a (really bad) emergency.

Jason Carter: Certainly no sign of him here. He’s dead somewhere, lets face it.

Luke Simms: Nahh, I heard a rumor that he’s been hanging out with Willie Oleson down on Willie’s south forty. Word has it they’ve been makin moonshine down there and bringin in women from the outside.

Jason Carter: No shit.

Luke Simms: Yeah I guess with those little concoctions doc Baker makes in his lab downstairs, coupled with the moonshine…hell I guess it doesn’t take much to bring in those tattooed airplane women from over in  Tracy.

Jason and Luke both look at each other as if they want in on Doc Baker’s rumored escapades.

Jason Carter: Shit, I haven’t been with a women in 28 months… since I was sworn in here.

From behind the boys there is a loud crash.

Andy Garvey: (angered) Hey!!! First off boys, there is no before here!!!

Rule #2: There is no before or after Walnut Grove Township.

Andy Garvey: (continued) We are here to search, not gossip! I have a half a mind to speak with Charles about what I just heard. That’s your only warning! (Calmer) This house is clear, it’s like the old coot just up and left yesterday. His calendar is only current to the 1st day in July.

A close up of Doc Baker’s calender shows each day in the month of June covered by a hand drawn happy face with X’d out eyes, to mark its expiration.

Jason Carter: Yes sir, we will move on to his gardens and green houses.

Ext. Gardens behind Doc Bakers Home. Day

While searching the elaborate gardens and greenhouses of Doc Baker the boys find all sorts of formulas for medicines and concoctions. They also find a secret batch of moonshine. They submit only the formulas to Garvey. Garvey knows they found the moonshine because he found it first, and left it to test the boys.

Rule#17: Consumption of mind altering substances is strictly prohibited.

-note: The “Select” members of the governing body have huge stash of booze that they never destroyed when they cleaned out the liquor store in Walnut Grove, while wearing Mickey Mouse masks and carrying flashlights 13 years ago.

Garvey: Alright boys, why don’t you take a stroll down to Willie’s house and see if your theory on the South forty holds any truth. I will take the Docs notes to the church and see if we can’t make any sense out of them.

Ext. Broken down tar road. Day

Hours later the HUNTING PARTY comes across Jason Carter and Luke Simms, both drunk as skunks, singing “Baby beluga in the deep blue sea” (arguing about how the song goes) on a crashed wagon halfway down the road to Willie’s South forty.

HUNTING PARTY consists of many of the “Select” governing body. The “Select” members are: Percival Dalton, Sterling Murdock, Mr. Lundstrom, Isaiah Edwards and Lars Hanson. They have also brought three younger towns folk: Carl Edwards, Johnny Johnson and Joe Kagan.

The older men in the HUNTING PARTY round-up Carter and Simms to be brought back to Charles Ingalls.  Carl, Johnny and Joe are sent to investigate Willie’s farmhouse. When the boys arrive at Willie’s farm-house they find it burnt down to its foundations and pieces of it scattered everywhere. In a hand crafted wooden chair in the front lawn they find what’s left of Willie positioned with a black x mason jar in his hand…


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