Little House, big story…

This update is to scream to my sexy readers that the “Little House on the Prairie: First Blood 5” series will be continued as a side project of mine while I continue to write legendary posts on otherish stuff. The reasoning is that it wouldn’t do justice to a big story to squeeze it into a tight pair of jeans. Go to a present day Water Park and look in the family section, you will see what I mean. Wonderful folks, gross flesh. It just wouldn’t follow. My plan on the issue is to finish it on the side and post it in it’s entirety when it is more mature. This roughly means that when its organs develop the capability of reproduction you will get to watch it as a whole, not as down-loadable clips that are only minutes at a time. Can you dig it? I hope so. For those of you who are absolutely engulfed, I recommend calling me on any given midnight and you can hear me ramble about personal defense weapons, the next ten years and my plan for climaxing the story. In the mean time visit my site everyday and write mean comments toward me.

Melissa Gilbert - Season Four Premiere Screening for Nip/Tuck

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