Costco Sample Policy Rules and Regulations

– Company Notice –


Costco Wholesale Corporation

To all staff and employees,

We are instituting a new food sample policy effective immediately.

1) Sample cart demonstrators/servers over the age of 65 will need to pass periodically scheduled SAMPLE DAY SPEED TESTS to ensure timely preparation and execution of sample duties.

2) Customers are strictly limited to one sample per cart / per person. No chubby liars saying it’s for their wife or friend attempting to take two.

3) Lingering in front of sample carts is strictly prohibited. To many block ups in the main isles is leading toward in store, cart violence related injuries.

4) No product sample description is to last more than 8 seconds. In addition if a customer motions or indicates in any way intention to leave a sample cart, the demonstrator must immediately cease all description/conversation to eliminate awkward departures.

5) No two product sample carts are to be within 75 feet of each other.

6) When isle congestion occurs at or near sample carts, employees are to kindly ask served customers to move along. A second attempt will warrant a slightly elevated voice.

We are always striving to improve customer experience at Costco Wholesale Corporation. The above guidelines will be followed with zero tolerance to ensure a bright and profitable future for all of us.



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2 thoughts on “Costco Sample Policy Rules and Regulations

  1. Kaitlin says:

    I was wondering what age children have to be to take a sample w/o parent permission. I was in costco today and some lady told me I had to be 16! I think she was lying or something because I know what allergys I have and I’ve known since I was 8, but I’m definitely old enough now but she wouldn’t let me take one. I thought the age to take samples was 12, but I don’t know. I can’t seem to find any answers on the Internet either…

    • wachmonster says:

      I wouldn’t go around eating those. It’s asking for a sore stomach to eat some fruit followed by: soda stream, lunch meat, three kinds of cheese, sparkling apple cider, part of a chicken patty, sour dough, pizza, veggi crisp, quiche, shrimp, chocolate covered acai and a shot of costcoca cola.

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