Vote Club

1st RULE: You do not talk about Voting.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about Voting.

3rd RULE: If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the voting is over.

4th RULE: Only two guys to a voting booth.

5th RULE: One vote at a time.

6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes no voting.

7th RULE: Votes will go on as long as they have to.

8th RULE: If this is your first night at voting, you HAVE to vote.



We walk in, there is a huge line spanning throughout the skyways. After what seems like an endless confusing walk through unknown corridors and passages we find the back of the line. It isn’t long until there is already thousands of people now in front and behind us. Stairs to a basement bar entitled Shout House to our left. A nervous woman dressed in cheap business casuals is walking very quickly along side of the line yelling, “Paper ! Paper Tickets?” She is moving so fast it takes a loud sharp YES! to get at her. Her brown hair has fly aways, but she is not sweating. She turns and see’s the actual tickets in our hands and instructs us to walk through the skyway around the curve and take the second stairwell on the right to the main lobby. She goes as quickly as she came with no further explanation. We follow her directions. Through the security check and in, minimal pat down. The guard fumbled with my beeswax through the fabric of my jacket pocket for a second or two and deemed it harmless. Relief, lips are really dry, peeling. $45 dollar t-shirts with another long line to our left. A line to ride an escalator up, in front of us. To the right, nothing. Instinct says right, the destination is up, so straight ahead it is.

Section 210, we better empty the bladders first, might be hard later. More easily accomplished, not so crowded in the upper deck corridors. Troughs for pissing. Waiting outside for wife to finish in bathroom. Many people are wearing costumes, Halloween tomorrow. Alright I agree, drinking beer is a good idea. Line, 14 dollars and 1 dollar tip. In we go, seats are nice, right on the balcony railing. People sit next us on her side, not mine. Two young women. Nice enough, make comment about making friends. Don’t speak to us much after, never, once later actually. Mexican music plays while roadies set up stage, interesting process. Lights darker now, Thundercat band plays. Wearing weird hat and robe. Girl on otherside of kate says, “Blues Traveler?” then giggles to us. We fake laugh for her sake. Song only has one line repeated many times over and over to fast electronic music. First thought is terrible. Second thought is that if I was going to smoke pot at concert, song might sound better. Youths standing in the handicap seating area behind scream “yeah baby” and sing along to the words. Very obnoxious. Loud Austen Powers “Yeah Baby” screams again. Weird, uncomfortable. Obviously wasted. They play a few more songs like that, make comment about itunes store. Done. Lights on again. More roadies. Set up, climbing. Better use restroom again. Use restroom, now room for one more beer each. Back to arena. Security has removed loud youths.

Chili Peppers come out. Start playing after short hello. New people sit on my other side. Young guy, backwards sunglasses on back of head, he’s with his wife. Young really thin material brunette. How the tools do it these days. Sits for a minute, looks at ticket and they move over two seats. He looks at me and says, “no offense,  we were in the wrong ones.” Good, he had feminine cowboy boots on, I think the ones that Kate wants. Didn’t need him reminding her of those. Now I have to deal with meeting another stranger. Young women on wife’s side are now screaming very loudly and sort of dancing while seated. Weird, I look over and make eye contact, now more weird. Wife sings along to music, enjoying herself, good. I try to sing along, but only know half the words, feel weird, stop trying to join in. New people, two 20’s men sit in the seats immediate right. Not accidentals, they have those tickets. Wonder if they’re gay, hard to tell anymore. Immediate right leans way forward to railing. I can’t see without also leaning way forward. Watch on Jumbo-tron for now, don’t feel like leaning. Kate would have to then lean, then young women and a whole wave effect would happen. I’d like to prevent that. Wouldn’t he realize he’s clearly blocking view?

Many songs later, good performers… Interesting. Smell the distinct aroma of pot. Smile knowing the people still aren’t afraid to enjoy themselves in public. Seems like people would be afraid of doing that these days. More beers would be nice, it’s Tuesday, shouldn’t. Won’t. Nearing end, getting tired. One more song chant thing, okay, they did one more really long song. Concert over, waves of people. Hard to get through building. Really wan’t to go, Kate has to pee. Say’s she can make it home, but keeps mentioning it. Walk by bathrooms without stopping. B.O. not the railroad everywhere. Where’s car? Otherside of level four, sorry. Drive home. Tired.